Author: Joe Spiro
Difficulty: medium - heavy
Notes: his is loosely based on live solos from Led Zeppelin. It also has some parts of Van Halen's Ice Cream Man solo, and parts I made up myself. Blues-Rock solos are often made up of lots of short licks put together. This is no exception. Feel free to take any of these licks and rearrange them in your own solos.

Blues-Rock Solo-Practice

This is a great solo that includes many great Bluesrock licks. Learn them and include them into your own guitar style! They are great to play with a shuffle rhythm as rhythm guitar.

exercise 3



GuitarPro Blues Rock Solo Practice Ebook - "Easy Blues Solos"

* 10 files with "easy" Bluesrock solos
* Every Solo as tab in a PDF-File and as a GuitarPro file.
* Every Solo as midi and mp3 with bass line so you can burn it on a CD or practice on your computer with it.
+ 2 mp3 Backing Tracks so you can practice what you´ve learned and jam with a "band".
+ a PDF-file with all pentatonic scales in the key of the solos. You you can always see which notes to play.
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