How to read Guitar Tabs

On this website we don´t use normal musical notation. We use the so called tablature. Guitar tablature is a way to show you which note on which fret/string you have to play. Tabs became so important because it could be written with every computer keyboard or typewritter.

The tuning of the string is often shown at the beginning of the line. The 0 shows an empty played string, the 1 that you´d play the E-String on the 1st fret etc. Chords can be shown as well or that strings/notes are played one after the other.

                                     E    A
e ---------------------------------------------
B ------------------------2-----2--------2-----
G -------------------1----2-------2----2-------
D -------------------2----2---------2----------
A -------------------2-------------------------
E -----0--1--2--3------------------------------

The disadvantage of text tablature is that you can´t see how long you have to play a note (half notes, quarter notes etc.)
That´s why we use graphics from a professionel program on this site. Below you´ll see the different ways to transcripte notation, chords and guitar techniques with tablature.

Understand Guitar Tab