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Here are two checklists meant to be used by music students, to encourage them to have productive, effective, and enjoyable music practices. The first one is a "Daily Reminder" checklist that the you or your teacher can fill out and give to the student to use as a reminder of what to practice. The second is a "Weekly Record" checklist that you can use to record what was done in each practice session over a week's time and that can be turned in to the parent, teacher, or director. The chart format makes it easy for the student to see what is getting enough practice and what isn't.

The checklists assume that the you have assigning warm-ups, scales and repertoire to practice, as well as exercises and/or rehearsal preparation (as suggested in Guide to great home practice). (An example of a daily practice checklist filled out is included at the very end of this module.) Feel free to use one or the other or both of these checklists, or to alter either to suit your own purposes. If you feel your altered checklist would be useful to other teachers and would like to publish it in Connexions, please contact me. You can download PDF files of the Daily Practice Checklist and the Weekly Practice Record. The two sheets are also included below, in case you have any trouble with the PDF files, but the PDF files will look better.

Daily practice sheet

daily practice

Weekly practice record

practice record

Daily practice example

daily practice example



PDFDaily practice
Practice recoad