Blues Lessons - Guitar Anatomy

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Notes: Learn the parts of the guitar

So you have a guitar, and you want to learn how to play it, right?
Well, first...get to know your guitar a little better.
Here is a diagram of the electric guitar, along with part definitions. (The Acoustic guitar will be quite similar) Ebook - "Easy to learn Blues Guitar"

Learn to play Blues the easy way
This guitar course (about 70 pages) is especially written for people who are quite new to playing guitar.

Here you will find all you need to learn how to play the Blues:

* All beginner lessons are included in this ebook!
* You start from the first 12-bar-Blues to your first Blues solo licks.
* You´ll learn about Blues chords, the Blues scale, bendings, vibratos, slide guitar and much more!
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Guitar anatomy

 Guitar Anatomy

Body: The main part of the guitar which connects to the guitar neck. Also where the pickups and bridge is located.

Bridge: The bridge assembly, or just "bridge" is an area on the face of the guitar where the string meet or are connected to the face.

Frets: Vertical metal wires which sit vertically on the guitar neck.

Headstock: The area of the guitar at the end of the neck where the strings are tuned.

Neck: The long narrow part of the guitar where notes are fretted. Located between the body and headstock of the guitar.

Nut: The point on the guitar neck where the strings touch the neck and join the headstock.

Pickup Switch: A switch located on the body of the guitar used to select different pickups for different tones and sounds.

Pickups: A Pickup is a magnet wrapped in wires which sits on the face of an electric guitar, underneath the strings. When the strings move, it interferes with the magnetic field of the pickup and that impulse is sent to the amplifier. The impulse is then modified at the amplifier.

Tremolo: (aka: Whammy bar) The tremolo is a bar connected to the bride of the guitar. By moving the tremolo bar up or down, you can move the bridge, thus changing the pitch.

Tuning Pegs: The pegs located at the headstock which are used to tune the guitar. the Machine Heads have gears, which when turned, can tighten or loosen the string.

Volume & Tone Control: Control knobs on the body of the guitar which are used to adjust guitar volume and tone.