Frequently asked questions

I lost my username and/or password. Can you send me a new one?

Usualy your username is "FirstnameLastname". If you lost your password you can send yourself a new one to your registered email adress with a link at the bottom of the menue under the login fields.

Please note: Your login only works on (English site) OR (German Version). Not for both.

How do I open the gp4 or gp5 files from the downloads?

For the gp3, gp4 etc files you need the program GuitarPro or TuxGuitar to open these files. With these programms you can open, play and print them etc. GuitarPro is the better programm, but it costs some money but has more options, better sound  etc. You can choose for yourself which one you´d like to use.

You can download a trial version at

TuxGuitar is a freeware programm. You find it at:

Are the ebooks included in the membership?

My site has grown bigger and bigger and I kept my prices very moderate. Compare the membership price to the content/price of a single book or DVD. You find so many lessons here, they will keep you playing for weeks or months. So please understand that the ebooks with special topics and lessons are sold seperatly.

I paid for the 5-year membership has that changed since the last update?

Yes, even if you paid for the 5-year membership, I converted your account for this site to a lifelong membership too! You can unsubscripe from the payment plan on PayPal! You account will still be active!