Blues Licks Exercises I

Difficulty: medium


Legend: b = Bend r = Release h =Hammer On p = Pull Off v o. ~ = Vibrato / o. \ = Slide ~ = Vibrato 



GuitarPro Blues-Licks-Exercise Ebook - "Easy Blues Solos"

* 10 files with "easy" Bluesrock solos
* Every Solo as tab in a PDF-File and as a GuitarPro file.
* Every Solo as midi and mp3 with bass line so you can burn it on a CD or practice on your computer with it.
+ 2 mp3 Backing Tracks so you can practice what you´ve learned and jam with a "band".
+ a PDF-file with all pentatonic scales in the key of the solos. You you can always see which notes to play.
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